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St Finbarrs Football Club Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults policy and procedures V2 – Oct 2021 – St Finbarrs Football Club Safeguarding Policy V2 Oct 21

Introduction to Safeguarding and our Policy

The committee of St Finbarrs Football Club is ultimately responsible for ensuring that there is effective safeguarding within the organisation. All committee members, coaches and volunteers, however, have a responsibility to ensure that safeguarding and consideration of risk is part of everything they do.

At St Finbarrs Football Club we recognise the need to provide a safe and positive environment for all. We therefore accept responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of all our children/young people and those other vulnerable groups who come within the care of the club.

The policy is adopted and implemented by the committee of St Finbarrs Football Club and intends to provide overarching principles and guidance to those who represent the club as coaches and volunteers, to guide the club's approach to safeguarding and the protection of children/young people and vulnerable adults.

Through this policy St Finbarrs Football Club aims to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who are at potential risk.

The purpose of this policy is:

To provide protection for all children/young people who receive coaching from or play for the club and to provide coaches and volunteers with guidance on procedures they should adopt in the event that they suspect somebody may be experiencing or be at risk of harm. The policy is intended to protect children/young people and adults at risk who receive any service from us.

Its purpose is to also create and establish a culture where safeguarding practice is widely understood, openly discussed and where everybody recognises the roles they play in keeping children/ young people and adults safe and free from abuse.

We recognise that:

The welfare of the children/young people and adults at St Finbarrs Football Club is of paramount importance, and every person has the right to live life free from abuse, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity. Everyone also has the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse.

We also recognise that working in partnership with all teams across the club and their support networks, including Little Finns and the Academy, is essential in promoting and embedding this policy.

We will seek to safeguard our children and vulnerable groups by:

Valuing, listening and respecting them and by recruiting volunteers safely, ensuring all necessary checks are made.

We will also seek to safeguard our children and vulnerable groups by sharing information about safeguarding and best practice through training and continual professional development (CPD). We will share information about concerns with the appropriate agencies, providing effective management of volunteers through supervision, support and training, and through creating clear policies and guidance systems which promote and support prevention, vigilance and early intervention where there are matters relating to safeguarding, and by providing training, support and advice across all areas where there will be children, young people or vulnerable adults.

Our safeguarding aims include:

Preventing unsuitable people working with children and ensuring that volunteers are appropriately trained and that there are procedures in place for identifying and reporting cases or suspected cases of abuse, and supporting vulnerable children, adults or those who may have been abused or are at risk of significant harm.

Last Updated: June 2021
View: St Finbarrs Football Club Safeguarding Policy V2 Oct 21

If you need any support or need to report a concern, please contact the following:
St Finbarrs Football Club
Child Welfare Officer (CWO) – Byron Sugars
07751 187 109
Birmingham County FA
Safeguarding and Welfare

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command
If you have a concern about a child's safety online and wish to go straight to CEOP, please click the button below: